DIY Plumbers Do NOT Work With Boilers Yourself

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 11th March 2014

Where boilers are concerned do NOT Do It Yourself

As an avid DIYer it is important to understand the limitations of your abilities and understanding of certain aspects of building, plumbing etc. Often many jobs around your house or another property can be fixed easily with a little bit of know how, however there are other aspects in your home or other property that really should be left to a qualified, experienced and registered professional, such as a GAS SAFE registered boiler engineer.

Wedding Planning Tips

Posted by Administrator : Saturday 16th March 2013

Take your time.

Be present in each moment.

Do a first look.

Don't get caught up in "perfection."

Have faith that all of your efforts will be worth it.

Share something personal and unique with your guests.

Try not to stress (even when it seems impossible).

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

Accept that you can't please everyone.

Be a team throughout the entire process.

Remind yourself what's truly important.

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